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    We use a withdrawal period of 30 days. Within these 30 days you can return the unopened packaging. See also our General Terms and Conditions Article 6.9.


    Please note: we cannot accept an opened package (seal broken) because of hygienic reasons.

    If you snore while lying on your back, the most effective way to prevent back snoring is to no longer lie on your back. The Snore-Breaker changes your sleeping position from supine to side position even before snoring starts!

    If you only snore while lying on your side, the Snore-Breaker is not suitable.

    That is not possible, but that is precisely the intention. Back snoring occurs because you sleep in the supine position. Back snoring is therefore effectively prevented by no longer sleeping on your back. You can still turn from one side to the other, because the Snore-Breaker only starts emitting vibrations after 30 seconds.

    Most ex-snorers say they do not wake up from the Snore-Breaker. Some mentioned they (and their partners) needed a short adjustment period.

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